?Vegetarian Food Catering for your Kid’s Birthday Party

Vegetarian food catering is one of the rarer choices for Singapore parents planning their?child’s birthday party menu. Nonetheless, get our professional food catering team to help?arrange an appetizing vegetarian buffet menu to cater to your home or outdoor party. We can?help coordinate good vegetarian food from a variety of North & South Indian, Chinese veg?cuisines. Contact us and fill us in on your unique party requirements and we will assist people?to search for food of their desired budget or restaurant menus as per your budget, needs and?number of guests. Let us know what would suit you and your child?s tastes and preference;?whether it is spicy or non-spicy, high tea style, wedding cuisine, non traditional vegetarian?recipes, mock chicken/fish meal, that special taste of India cuisine, less fried/oily vegetarian?food, we are able to link up with your preferred caterers for the event and offer new solutions?to make this the best event that your guests will keep talking about and remember!

Meanwhile, here are some tips and food ideas to plan for your kid?s vegan birthday bash!

1. Look out for an extensive vegetarian menu selection

Your child?s birthday party will not be complete without a good selection of vegan food. Vegetarian cuisine comprise of the most amazing curry, rice pilaf on banana leaf, hot and?spicy vegetarian meat and other delicious vegan dishes that would be a sin not to try!?There are many caterers in the vegetarian food business but not many good ones. First,?search for a caterer that has a good selection of both buffet courses and ala carte items.

Check their conditions for delivery and min order and compile a list of good quality?caterers that will ensure a smooth flow of events. These caterers mostly have customer?reviews online, use fresh ingredients from nature, have a home made taste and display?great choice of packages with options to add on local delights like auspicious red ang ku?kueh,, mini ?pork? bun, ?prawn? ball and fruit salad and herbal dessert, just to name a few.

They also have the ability to offer creative vegetarian kids menu: vegetarian mee hoon,?stir-fried vermicelli noodle, green tea mochi cakes etc. Our party planning team can help?your style your kid?s party to resemble a theme that they like, character party or even an?elegant private functions with a restaurant ambience fit for your prince and princess!

2. Look out for good promotions

We encourage you to go online and on facebook.com to browse catering pages and?companies to receive news of their latest company promotions and view attractive dining?events and offers. There should be credit card deals or a special promo package or two?every month on their blog. Login to their website to view guests? reviews of the food and?service and check out corporate rates if any. Feel free to read the customer feedback and?testimonials about the food they ate and enjoyed. Read up on common FAQ and browse?their web page. Please submit your request if you have specific queries and wait for them?to get back with the details. Plan ahead for the occasion to enjoy early bird deals and?don?t hesitate to book when the price is right. Of course, our friendly party planning staff?can take care of that for you so you won?t have to spend hours doing the legwork!

3. Vegetarian could be a hip and healthy choice!

With growing health and food scares, going vegan can also be a trendy and healthy food?choice for your kid?s party. Present a variety of vegetarian cooking to your guests. Be?creative and embrace new age cooking and eating the colours of the?rainbow?! Dress up?food with all things vegetable: A bright yellow lemon just sparks up the dish with a tang?as does a red bell pepper in simmery delicious thai marina sauce.

Contact or email our team of party planners today to discuss more vegan food ideas and?be on the road to an unforgettable and unique kid?s birthday party!



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