?Toys Rental for Birthday Party

Looking to throw your kids a party surrounded with toys? Look no further, we provide toys rental for birthday party at affordable prices in Singapore. With the latest and largest toys selection from our trusted suppliers, choosing the few toys that your kids love the most simply becomes an easy task. Your kids and their guests get to?enjoy themselves with the wide array of different toys, ranging from inflatable bouncy castles to slides and even mini rock climbing courses! It is no wonder kids enjoy themselves so much, with a large smile plastered across their faces when playing with the rented toys. Having had years of prior experience with party management services, we strive to offer you only the very best when it comes to toy rental because we understand your woes. You?ll only be delivered quality toys that are both age safe and thoroughly sanitised after each use.

Our services for toy rental is comprehensive and simple. On the day of the designated delivery, we will arrive a few hours earlier depending on your needs and set up every single piece of equipment that comes with the toy in your desired location. After the set-up is complete, your guests and children are good to go, and they can start using the toys. If you?re worried that the toys may not be age appropriate, fret not! We have a catalogue of toys that are graded according to their suitable ages to ensure maximum safety. At the end of the rental period, our staff will be there to clean up the area and disassemble the toys so that you do not have to experience any hassle. All our rental toys are properly sanitised with an antiseptic disinfectant followed by a steam cleaner back at headquarters, so there?ll be no worries with regards to your child being exposed to germs and viruses.

Kids love our toys and they?re always excited to see us coming. It comes with no surprise of course as we provide toys that are popular on the market and suitable for both genders. Surprisingly, parents are always the ones happiest when the toys arrive, because their kids will be so engaged with the toys that their parents no longer have to entertain them! We have had lots of parents? request from our staff the details of our company simply because they have never seen how a toy rental works and find it both cost effective and useful.

Finding a toy rental for birthday parties in Singapore may be a difficult thing to do, as you may not be sure of both the quality and sanitary levels of the toys. Here at?Kids Party Singapore, rest assured that we provide only the best quality services, as listed below:
? Wide variety of toys for different ages
? Properly sanitised toys
? Delivery and assembly of toys provided
? Bulk provision of toys available upon request

We believe that planning requires sincerity from the heart and it is through our passion that our company has become well established in Singapore. Let us offer you our expertise with toy rental services for your kids? birthday party and make it his/her best birthday yet! Our toy rentals are extremely affordable, ranging from $150 and above for a medium sized play set catered specifically for parties. If you have a specific toy in mind, do feel free to leave us a message and we?ll do everything in our ability to accommodate your request. So what are you waiting for, contact us now to book the best toys in town for your kids? party!


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