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Catering companies and? restaurants in Singapore have gotten very creative and added a good variety of new and interesting finger food to their party menu lately. There is a rising trend of people throwing graduation celebrations, bachelor/bachelorette parties, housewarming parties and baby showers. The one thing that has always been consistent through the decades ? children?s? birthday parties.

What used to be two simple options ? book a party room at a fast food restaurant (hassle-free and no after party cleanup) or plan one on your own (deal with the pre-, during and post party challenges), has now turned into an array of choices. As the host with the most, one can be assured that every aspect of the party will be handled well, so that all hosts should focus on, is that the guests are having a great and enjoyable time.

If you plan to host your children?s birthday parties, minus the stress that comes with it, you can start by engaging the services of a party planner/event organizer. From there, the only finger you will have to lift, is the one that presses the answer button on your phone, the one that clicks the left button of the computer mouse, the one that uploads awesome party pictures on your social media accounts and the one that picks up the delicious finger food at your own party.

Besides event venue, party themes, matching decors, party gift bags, invitation cards and invited guest list, one other major factor that completes a party is food. Some helpful pre-party food related questions:

1. Buffet or served?

For a children party, where there are various activities going on, it is best to have a buffet style with a variety of mini sized finger food. Variety will ensure that all guests eats and minis will allow easy mobility plus less mess. However, this will also mean that you have to buffer for more as people tend to consume more when the food is served in smaller portions.

2. Cook or catered?

If you have a special homemade recipe that you would like to share with the guests, please go ahead and whip it up. However, limit to just 1-2 dishes that is easy to make and will not take too much preparation time. All other types of party finger food can be easily catered. Caterers do delivery, set up, tear down and clean up the food area, before and after the party has ended.

3. Meal preferences

Look at the guests list and make a mental note of their possible eating cultures. If the list includes some Muslim friends, do include some halal finger food in your party menu. Same goes for beef items as Buddhists and Hindus do not consume them. If unsure, there is no harm in calling to check about their preferences. Savories or sweets, some of the most common party finger food includes assorted mini sandwiches, mini chicken pies, mini pizzas, fruit tarts, cupcakes and assorted canapes.

As an event organizer, our main aim is to ensure that you are not bogged down by logistical issues, but instead focusing on sharing the memories of your children having a great time with their friends and family, at the party. We bridge what you want with what our team can provide, and to be as hassle-free as possible for you.

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