Popsicle Party

Running out of kid?s birthday party ideas? We?ve an idea for you that will make?your child?s party stand out from the rest!

Plan a pretty popsicle party for your Prince and Princess today. We can?organize creative DIY Popsicle parties of any theme of choice to add to the?fun! Make these art pops part of your party fun. Kids love them.?Popsicles are such versatile sweet treats that are highlights of any event be it?Halloween, Christmas, weddings or as a gift to your valentine, but most of all,

they are a hit with kids! A popsicle party will make your guests buzz with?excitement. Every child who sees them literally lights up and wants one,?pronto!

Here are a few ways our creative team can help get you started in planning?and customizing the perfect Popsicle themed birthday party that will guarantee?to make your child’s?day!

1. Do your research

Not sure what to expect? Google for popsicle food ideas off the Internet,?blogs, Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook! With every click, you will enter into the?world of popsicle inspiration. There are so many different kinds of popsicles:?Pink ice pops, cake pops, lightsaber popsicle sticks or a watermelon pop?modelled after your child;s favourite fruit! There are no limit what could turn up?on the table with the sheer volume of cute and creative recipes we can select?for the party! Email us the inspiration behind your celebration and we will?surely work out something!

2. Select a Theme

It is so amazing to indulge in a theme that your child adores. It can be?something he or she is currently into. Fantasy, Robots, Lego, Princesses or?Soccer, you name it, we can organize it! Holding a popsicle party in line with a?Summer theme would bring welcome and cool relief for the hot summer?holiday months in June and July! Pool parties are immensely popular with the?little ones too ? we can book a bouncy castle, and set up a water play area in?your back garden or at an outdoor venue of choice!?Also, some interesting ways to introduce theme elements lie in the little?details.?We usually propose having food placards (download printable online) with?witty and inventive names in line with the theme. This will make the food fun to?eat. Star Wars ?Pop? Vader, or ?Red Hot? Pops for an Angry Birds Party theme?would fuse some welcome entertainment. We can also help shop around for?cool themed invitations and d?cor like balloons that will add make the party?look bright and happy.

3. Go DIY

We can host a DIY workshop for the birthday child and his or her friends. A?template recipe can be prepared for the children with step by step instructions?on a chosen ice cream, cupcake or dessert recipe and kids can get to make a?delicious cake or ice pop on their own and take it home as party gifts they?ll?never forget! These can come with crafty printables to decorate their finished?product.

4. Plan with us

The best part of popsicle party is designing and planning. Together with our?creative team, we can sit down with you and your child and open the drawing?board. Talk with us and tell us your what your perfect party looks like. We take?your comments and run with them to customize a party that is inspired by you and your child. We can also arrange for good photography services to capture?the pretty popsicle moments in your birthdays. We style games and party?activities to the T and promise to conceptualize and deliver a celebration that?every child, mother and father will remember in years to come. You?ve every?right to be happy at your Popsicle party! Contact us any time and we can also?help you organize one- it will be a great gift to you and your child!


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