Where art thou, baby? Come and have some fun at our girls party themes.

It is more often than note that we associate everything pink, pretty and glittery with girls. Today, however, party themes for girls have taken a 180 degree turn. There are new ideas cropping up every day thanks to the mountainous amount of characters and toys churned out by the entertainment industry. Girls are now target audience number one.

When we look at parties held for girls ? be it their birthdays, graduation, girl guides gatherings, or even sleepovers ? we witness a new array of themes that leave us in awe. Gone are the days where typical princess decorations will suffice.

Today?s generation of children are open to exploring new ideas. They are looking for things outside of the box ? regardless of their age.

So how do you as a busy parent keep up? How do you know which party theme is best suited for your girl?

Here?s where we step in. All you have to do is pick a theme and call your daughter?s friends along.


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Television, movies, toys and even books are great sources of inspiration for a party theme for girls. Has your daughter been asking you for a particular toy lately? Have you brought her to a movie that has left her asking for more? Do you find her glued to a particular TV show when it airs? The list of possibilities is endless. Ask her what she likes and cater to a party theme around that. Add icing to the cake by finding her a costume that she can wear to represent her favourite character too. Some popular characters for our girls’ parties,

  • Dora The Explorer
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Barbie
  • Alice In Wonderland
  • Hello Kitty
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • Cinderella
  • Frozen
  • Powerpuff Girls
  • Wonder Woman
  • Tinkerbell
  • Fancy Nancy
  • Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter)
  • Minions

Interested in throwing a party for your girl? Reach us today to find out how we play a part in your girls parties.

Other themes

Don?t be mistaken and think that because you are throwing a party for a girl, all she wants is something pink and shiny. From sports-inspired themes for the little athlete or an entire baking-themed party for the little pastry chef – you?ll be surprised with the possibilities that can be created today. Don?t only think about what she likes now, but consider what she wants to be when she grows up and revolve your party around that.

  • Pink candy floss
  • Princess & Tiara
  • Fairies & Pixie Tinkerbell
  • Ballerina Dancing queen
  • Elsa Frozen & ice cream themed
  • Cupcake baking party
  • Misses Masterchef
  • Silent Disco dance
  • Project Runway Fashion show
  • Sports Girls

Interested in throwing a party for your girl? Any of the themes above catch your eye? Reach us today to find out how we can help more.

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