Mascot Costume Rental

Now that your kid and you have decided on the theme for the party, a mascot costume rental service is where all creativity can be unleashed during the party event. A Nemo, or Batman, Mickey Mouse or even all time favourite Big Bird and Elmo, hands on DIY parents can rent, don on mascots costume to be the perfect hero to their little kids during their special day.

What else can be more satisfying than dressing up during the party and hear little kids squeal with delight as they play dress up with our range of costume rental services, all curated with wide?selections of?the latest themed kids celebration.

If you?re not down to act the part when renting a costume, then consider hiring a our friendly staff to play the mascot role. Wait no further and contact them today to get a quote for your kid?s favourite mascot.

What about the costumes that do not fit well?

Fret not, because at Kids Party Singapore, we understand that people come in different shapes and sizes, heights and weights, we readily take in custom made quality mascots, all for a premium rental fee.

our costumes are professionally cleaned and handled after each rental. Rest assured that we inspect our costumes regularly to ensure you get the best mileage for your rental.

We like to keep our prices affordable, ranging from $50 to $150 per 6?hours for the various costumes?based on themes, events and availability.?And if you decide to?keep the costumes after your kids event, you?can top up the rental fee and take it home for good.

Now there is no need to deliberate who is the Superman, Supergirl or Superboy, all guests in the party events can join in the fun and get dressed up to party the house down in costumes. Call us today and enquire early?for your favourite mascots costumes. You?ll definitely be able to find something for the whole family and your kids would be delighted with the costumes.

Dress up and Have a Blast.


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