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Having a magician for hire is a sure great way to lift up the?entertainment octane for any kids party. It is top in most kids’ wish list to have a?surprise visit from a magician to attend their party. And how can we not know that? There’s a kind of magic, captivating the attention of young kids, engaging with their never ending feats of illusions, magic shows have never failed to stupefy the kids and astound the adult guests.

Be sure to have lots of interactions and engagements, our magicians at Kids Party Singapore love to have?the birthday child to be the centre of his magic show. All our shows are highly customisable to appeal to different child age groups, the size of party?depending on the number of people at the party and the themes of your kids party.

We, at Kids Party Singapore, have a list of passionate magicians that we have worked with, ?all eager to cast?their magic?spells?at your kids party. Spellbinding and magical, are you ready to bring a cheer and smile to your kid on his or her special day.

Interactive mind-boggling magic is sure to set?your little kids eyes peeled with wide attention, slapstick comedy that is guarantee to have?your little ones laughing in stitches. And be sure to ask for our “Magic 101” parties for your older kids, as children can learn the basics behind some of the magic tricks and maybe even bring home a few tricks to share with family and friends in school.

Now did?we say our kids love to boast to their friends how special their party magician have made them feel at their party?

Be it at your own home, event room or any other party venue, do call our friendly hotline for an enquiry. Book early as you don’t want your kid to be disappointed on his special day. .

Call us today to book?kids? party magician at an affordable rate!



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