Kids Rock Climbing Party

Your kid has heaps of energy and loves adventure, then why not consider a kids rock climbing party? It is?one of the few ways to get your kids interested in sports. Children are natural climbers, with their agility and boundless amounts of energy. As such, your children will have an extremely fun time scaling the rock walls with their friends, and completing challenges set up by the trusted instructors and supervisors. We have been organising rock climbing parties for kids for many years now, and offer only the very best prices and deals with customised packages for your needs. If you?re interested in throwing a rock climbing party for your kids, you may be interested about some of the services we offer.

Depending on the age of your kids, there would be different routes available for them to take, with increasing difficulty for the older kids. If your child is climbing for the first time, there would be instructors around to supervise them. Your child would be briefed within the 2 hours on some climbing basics to prevent them from panicking while starting the course. The belayers or helpers that are in charge of the safety of your child are fully certified so rest assured that your child would not be injured during his or her climb. After the briefing, the fun will start with your child attempting to scale the walls like their favourite superhero. There would be challenges and time events between your kids and his friends that are bound to leave them excited and craving for more at the end of the two hours!

Many kids were extremely contented with the rock climbing parties, often asking their parents to bring them back to the course for more sessions. Parents often commend to us on how much more excited their kids are after the climb and how to attempt to try and climb everything in their vicinity after the fabulous party!
Being professionals in organising a kids rock climbing party, you can expect the following from us when booking an appointment with our competent members:
? Food catering options and your preferences
? Advice on the clothing your children are expected to wear on the day
? Birthday cake options
? Decoration and the booking of a private function room
? Invitation cards
? Car park reservations

Having been in the party planning industry for many years with a team of experienced and fully qualified members, you will be fully assured that your Kids Rock Climbing Party will be custom tailored to your specific needs at the lowest cost possible. We offer external caterers and custom decorations to fit your various themes, ensuring that you will not have to do a single bit of work in the planning. It is important to book early as an entire area of the kids? climbing course has to be reserved and blocked off during the party. As such, you should reserve your dates at least 3 weeks in advance to prevent any disappointments. Do feel free to call us for a free consultation and receive a quote with no obligations attached!


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