Kids Party Food Catering – Types of Kids Party Food


These days, kids party food catering can be conducted during brunches, lunches, high teas or?even dinners. Regardless of what time?of the day you?re celebrating, no party is complete?without good food.

Parents who are catering can opt from different selections of cuisines. Speak to us to get ideas?from our menu that you can choose from for your full-fledged or mini buffet. Not only can?we prepare and cater your food, but we can also provide help with the interior decoration?including table setting and even barbeque setups. Our packages also include delivery of?catered food that will please children and adults alike.

Chinese Food Catering

With kids, you want something that?s easy for them to handle by themselves, yet?familiar.?Chinese dishes such as mee hoon (thin noodles) are popular. Dim sum (steamed?dumplings) are also easy to pick up and can be enjoyed by children and parents alike. It is?also convenient to snack on while talking or playing games. When ordering Chinese?cuisine,?however, take note of the importance of condiments and sauces.

Dim sum Chinese food catering

Western Food Catering

Sandwiches are an all-time favourite ? no questions asked. We often see cocktail?sausages,?assorted sandwiches, danishes, pastries and other snacks. If you?re worried that?western cuisine might not be healthy ??stay away from the typical finger foods of fried?chicken and French fries and opt for healthier baked?goodies like chicken nuggets, potato?wedges or grilled cheese sandwiches and even pasta or pizza. Food should also be fun for?children!

Do consider the kind of crowd you are catering to,?plus be wary of certain dietary?requirements of your child?s friends. If there are dietary requirements for your child or if?you?d like to bear in mind his or her friend?s?preference, you can choose to cater for the?following:



Halal Food Catering

Halal food items are specifically catered for the Muslim community. Ensure that the?caterer?you are ordering from is Halal-certified. Popular dishes in this category include?Briyani and?even snacks like Curry Puff and Ondeh-Ondeh. You could also consider having?kebabs on skewers, or even include Indian food in this selection such as tandoori chicken.

Ondeh Ondeh

Ondeh Ondeh

Vegetarian Food Catering

While this is often a religion-sensitive issue, a lot of kids these days are happy to consume a?some consume egg, while some don?t. Often, there are also restrictions on?consumption of?onion and garlic.?Then there are the?vegans who have an even more strict diet. We are able to?provide a variety of vegetarian-friendly dishes for your child?s birthday party.

And of course, don?t forget your beverages and desserts. No party for kids is complete?without some drinks, coffee or tea for the parents. Plus, of course, chocolate,?candy, waffles,?cakes and even cupcakes for everyone ? all for great family fun.

Contact us today to find out how we can assist in planning a fuss-free kids party in Singapore?by catering delicious meals to make it an even more special occasion!




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