Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday Cake

Parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to ideas for kids birthday party cakes these days.

Besides the popular ?Mickey or Minnie Mouse on your child?s birthday cake, the options?available today are endless ? new movies appear on screens ever so often these days, the?cartoon?industry is churning out new characters all the time, plus, children nowadays have?their own sense of?identity so typical blue or pink cakes don?t leave a wow-factor anymore.?Parents are left with the task of constantly coming up with new ideas for their kids? birthday?cakes.

It?s all about what?s in. What is your child?s current favourite cartoon character? Did your kid?enjoy an?animated film more than normal lately? Consider thinking about what your child?likes. What is he or?she asking for currently? Do they want it in the form of a regular?cheesecake, fruit cake chocolate cake or a cupcake? Maybe cookies, a pie, tart or cake pops??Is your family vegan or vegetarian?

It?s not just about keeping up with trends. It?s about making your kid?s special day even more?significant?for them. Yet, in all the hustle and bustle, it may not be easy for you to keep up?with what?s in trend.

This is why we?ve come up with a list of ideas that might guide and inspire you in making a?quick, fuss-free decision to bring to life your child?s birthday celebration.

Here are some of the top-most preferred cakes amongst children:


? Star Wars birthday cake

? Frozen birthday cake

? Jungle Book birthday cake

? Harry Potter birthday cake

? Minions birthday cake

? Kung Fu Panda birthday cake

? Inside Out birthday cake


? Winnie The Pooh birthday cake

? Hello Kitty birthday cake

? Spiderman birthday cake

? Batman birthday cake

? Superman birthday cake

? Captain America birthday cake

? Iron Man birthday cake

? Avengers birthday cake

? Elmo birthday cake

? Ben-10 birthday cake

? Lego birthday cake

? Cinderella birthday cake

? Jasmine birthday cake


? 3D birthday cake

? Cupcakes birthday cake

? M&Ms birthday cake

? Rainbow birthday cake

? Princess birthday cake

? Fairy birthday cake

? Dinosaur birthday cake

? Cars birthday cake

? Aeroplane birthday cake

? Unicorn birthday cake

? Book birthday cake

? Mermaid birthday cake

chocolate cake

Chocolate cake

Not only can we bake cakes and provide you with ideas on cake design and decoration, we?can also help you adjust your preferred level of sweetness or if you want to make a healthy?and nutritious cake for your child. We can even prepare cakes that are suitable for children?with certain dietary restrictions or allergies. Cakes can be catered according to your birthday?party theme and can even include more sweet dishes or a full-fledged dessert table to create?an even more perfect occasion for your child.

Express your love and watch your child be happy by choosing the perfect birthday cake and?let us create it for you!



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