Kids Party Bus

These days’ party buses are becoming very popular for the kids parties. These buses are available in a wide variety of sizes. Small buses can accommodate ten people while 30 or more can easily be provided by large capacity buses. You can hire a bus depending on the people you want to invite for the celebration. Single or double-decker party buses are being considered by individuals to celebrate their birthdays and special occasions.

Kids would love to be out on a bus with their friends and enjoy their special day. A party bus is a convenient option for kids of all ages. Ideal for parents who are looking to make the best of the special day of their little one. The kind of entertainment provided on the bus will depend on upon the age of the children. Usually, these buses are best for kids aged between 3 and 8.

These buses might feature ball pools, slides, toys and entertainers like magicians and clowns. Hiring a bus for your child’s birthday can be a less stressful. ?Just leave the arrangements to ?You don’t even have to worry about cleaning up after the party. How much fun it will be just to go out, enjoy and come back home to have a good sleep. ?No worries about cleaning up any mess created during the party.

Want a theme based party? ?Let execute it for your child. The bus can be decorated and arranged according to the dream theme of your child’s wishes.

A party bus can be hired for a particular period, as they are rented on per hour rates. The cost varies based on factors like the kind of arrangement you need, a number of people on board, the size of the bus, your food and drink requirement and also if professional?entertainment is required.

Interior of play bus:
The play bus favours bright and colourful interiors to maintain the environment of happiness and excitement. The colours used are bold and incredibly delightful. The entire interior of the bus is covered with soft play areas so as to prevent any damage to the children.

It becomes a fantastic play area without any danger. It is suitable for kids below the age of 10. The facility of the game bus or kids’ party bus is independent of weather conditions. Snow, rain, hail or in any adverse weather, this kid’s party bus is extremely safe and hazard-proof. The play area is equipped with a lot of entertainment medium to make sure that the kids have fun inside the bus. There are deck climbs, foam peaks, biff bash. In addition to this, there are interesting crawl tubes, activity panels, web layers and spider webs which prove to be exciting games. There are plans to provide special facilities inside soft play party for babies and physically challenged children.

Our kids party bus comes with a driver and an assistant on site to?supervise children during the whole party bus hours. It?is advisable for the?parent to?take responsibility for their child as the company cannot be held responsible for the safety of the kids while boarding the bus.

Booking a party bus for kids birthday parties can be a real change from the regular restaurant and home parties.

Let us make it come true for your child. Call us now!

The task of organising a themed party for kids?is indeed daunting. ?Be rest assured that we can help you with it.

You can choose from our?list of creative?ideas. Pick a theme for a party and let us take it for there in order to give you and your child the best experience. Avoid stress and the hassle of doing everything from scratch ? your party is safe in our hands.


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