Kids Fashion Show Party

It is never too early to throw a Kids Fashion Show Party for your children in this day and age where fashion and style is a constant reminder of the person we really are. Kids love to showcase their personality and inner sassiness thus it will only bring them great joy to strut the red carpet confidently for their friends and guests to see. You can expect flashing lights with lots of fun snacks like cupcakes and colourful cocktails of juice for your guests while the fashion show is going on. Expect lots of ?Wooo?s and ?Waaaah?s as your kid and their friends take to the stage and learn at a young age what inner confidence is! We have successfully planned dozens of kids fashion show party for families with kids as young as three years old walking the stage with a huge smile on their faces. So get ready to give your child a unique and amazing experience during their next birthday!

Depending on whether your child wishes to be a runway model or a Hollywood actor for the day, the stage would be set up with a red carpet leading to it, with the guests seated around either ends. There will be bright stage lights and a spotlight to highlight your child and his guests when they take to the stage on the red carpet. If you are short of props, fret not for we will be able to provide you with an assortment of props such as sunglasses and hats along with makeup kits and a portable mirror. Accompanying music fit for a fashion show will also be played in the background. You?ll be sure to hear roaring laughter and squeals of delight as the young ones take to the stage and showcase their fashion and style to the crowd. At the end of the fashion show, the kids will be able to mingle around and try the different snacks like cupcakes and fruit punches, with the cake cutting ceremony held at the very end. A photo stand will also be provided for you to get a picture with your lovely kids in their adorable clothes!

Past clients and their kids have written in to tell us how much they loved their fashion show party, with parents absolutely elated that their kids have shown an increase in self-confidence and happiness levels after the event. Their kids have also learnt to dress themselves better after the fashion show, much to their parents? relieve!

With a solid team of party planners experienced in fashion and design, here are some the few highlights you can expect in your Kids Fashion Show Party:

  • Red Carpet with impressive light works by professional lighting service personnel
  • Photographer and a photo stand with a customised background depending on your themes
  • Decorations tailored to the desired party theme
  • Food catering services of your choice
  • Custom props and makeup sets for the desired theme
  • Assembly of chairs, tables and stage
  • Custom cake design
  • Clean up service after the event

Planning a successful party takes time and effort. Our company excels in this particular aspect, having been in the party planning industry for years and knowing what you want in a party. Drop us a message today for a custom tailored kids fashion show party at the MOST competitive price in Singapore, you will not be disappointed!


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