Kids Costume Rental

Any?birthday boy or girl who is throwing a themed birthday party or your child has been invited to a costume themed party, costume rental is one fuss free way to make sure your kid blends in and still have a rolling great time without burning a hole in the parents’ pocket. At?,?we understand how much kids love to dress up and kids costume rental is definitely the way to go.

Some of our popular kids party costumes, that your kids will love:

1. Superhero themed costumes

In recent years superhero movies have become guaranteed blockbuster hits, as a result there’s no shortage of superhero costumes in order. Boys may be interested in dressing up as Superman, Captain America, Thor or The Flash, whilst girls may want to embrace their inner Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Black Widow or Supergirl. If your child is attending a costume party with a few of their friends, they could even co-ordinate costumes so that they form their own Avengers or Justice League.

2. Disney costumes

If you have a daughter whose a Frozen fan, she may be interested in dressing up as Anna, Elsa or Olaf, the snowman. As Frozen is definitely one of Disney’s most popular animated movies of recent times. If your son, isn’t thrilled by the idea of dressing up as Disney princess he may prefer to dress up as Woody or Buzz from Toy Story or as Nemo the clownfish, from the hit film Finding Nemo. Alternatively, what little kid doesn’t look cute as a button wearing Mickey or Minnie Mouse ears? If you’ve visited one of the Disney parks with your kids, you may already own Mickey Mouse ears.

3. Star Wars costumes

Some kids may prefer dressing as a classic Starwars’ character such as Darth Vader or Princess Leia, whilst other kids may want to pick their favorite character from Starwars The Force Awakens. If your little one wants to dress up as a jedi, make sure to purchase your little jedi their very own light up, light saber. Although there’s just as much chance that your kid will favor dressing up as a storm trooper. If so, why not invest in a storm trooper mask?

4. Fantasy themed costumes

If you’re introduced your children, to the Harry Potter books or movies, they may want to dress up as a witch or wizard, who has magical powers at their disposal. Alternatively, your children may want to go down the classic costume route and dress up as a princess, prince, mermaid or knight. If you think your child may be interested in a fantasy themed costume, ensure to purchase a fun wig, that will take your child’s costume to the next level.

5. Classic costumes

If in doubt you can’t go wrong purchasing a cow boy or cow girl costume or dressing your little one up as Alice in Wonderland or the Mad Hatter. Other options including Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf and Hansel and Gretel.

So what are you waiting for? Whether you’re planning on throwing a costume party for your child’s birthday or you’re child has managed to score an invite to a costume themed party, it’s well worth ordering your child’s dream costume today, in order to avoid disappointment.


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