Kids Baking Party

Having a kids baking party can be fun for both girls and boys, with the increasing trend of children?s birthday party revolving around cooking and baking in general. Your kids can expect to make a wide variety of different recipes ranging from scones to brownies and doughnuts. They?ll be sure to have fun as our fully certified baker will guide them through and let them experiment with the creation of their own variations of the chosen recipe. Be prepared to expect lots of laughter, shouts of delight and exhilaration as your kids and their guests present to you a wonderful dish of delight. As a party itinerary planner for the past few years, you can be assured that the party would proceed without a hitch with minimal planning required from you.

Your kids would first be introduced to the kitchen which they would be working in, where the various baking instruments would be taught to them. Subsequently, the fully certified baker would then display a step by step guide on how to make the desired food. The recipe would depend on the theme of the birthday party, which can range from seasonal treats to Disney themed princesses. When it comes to baking, the sky is the limit and your children and their guests can use their imagination to create their hearts? desires. If you?re worried about the lack of experience of your kids, fret not as there would be assistants to guide the kids along the way. Your kids would have tons of fun, creating delicious food from Disney themed cupcakes to chocolate balls with fancy star shaped designs.? At the end of the baking session, your kids and their guests would be able to try their very own cooking and bring it home for your family to try. A birthday cake of your choice baked by our very own renowned baker would end the party with a cake cutting ceremony!

If you?re worried that you?re the baking party may not be suitable for your boys, don?t worry! We have had kids of both genders tell us that they enjoyed the baking party tremendously and even offered to bake for us in future! Parents are also full of praises, commenting weeks after the party saying their kids have started baking at home too. With such high praises, it is no wonder that our loyal customers and their guests have repeatedly requested for a baking party for their kids!

With our dedicated group of planners for the kids baking party, rest assured that your package would be fully customised to fit your child. Here are the options and benefits available for your next baking party:

  • Choice of a themed baking recipe
  • Decorations tailored to your kids? liking
  • Private function room for after the baking session
  • Choice of birthday cakes specially made by our renowned baker
  • No hassle of cleaning up after baking
  • Sweet deserts or catered food after the baking session

We at Kids Party Singapore?believe in helping kids organise and plan the best birthday party they can ever get. Your kids? childhood is extremely precious and we understand that, so rest assured that we will only provide the best service when planning your kids? baking party. Leave us a message today with your desired expectations and we will quote you a bespoke package of the lowest cost possible!


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