Kids Art & Craft Party

Kids art & craft party in Singapore is often overlooked simply because parents may not see fun the same way that their kids do. If your child is an avid fan of the arts, and often participates actively in art classes, it is about time to throw an art & craft party for them. Your guests and kids will be sure to enjoy it, and even get to bring home a souvenir from your party. We assure you that our kids art & craft party would even get you on your feet, eager to participate!

During your kid?s art & craft party, the first few minutes would involve active participation of games that would captivate your kids and their guests. Subsequently, instructions would be given out on how your kids can best create his piece of art work. They?ll be able to move around freely, and use whatever supplies are available around them to create their masterpiece. Do not worry about art supplies that may be dangerous for your kids to use as we provide only the safest materials such as washable markers, twistable colour pencils or play dough that are easy and safe for your kids and toddlers to use.

Parents are often amazed at the end of the party at how much fun their kids were having, with some of them even telling us that they secretly felt the urge to join the making of a craft. The kids at the parties are always excited to bring home their work of art, and many of them even go on to make more of such art pieces at home!
With years of experience in art & craft, we can proudly?say that the services and themes we provide for our Art & Craft parties are the very best. Here are some ideas that we provide, along with customised services that you can employ in your party:
? A?large range of art ideas: canvas painting, mosaic art, sand art, painting of eggs, finger puppets, nature crafts, seasonal crafts, glitter art and many more!
? Food catering services after the arts & craft session
? Cake cutting
? Cleaning services after the event
? Music and activities to entertain the children

Our services do not require much preparation except for an open area with large tables. Tables with chairs high enough for kids are essential for proper participation and good lighting would be preferred. The wait time for booking your supplies and parties should be made a week in advance in order to facilitate the availability of materials. Do avoid last minute bookings as we would require time to plan and gather specific craft supplies for your needs.

Kids birthday parties are our speciality and we promise to deliver only the best supplies for your Kids Art & Craft Party. You can be fully assured that our custom bespoke services will leave you with little planning to do and that your kid and his guests will have an enjoyable time at the party. Drop us a message today for the most competitive quotes with no obligations attached!


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