Kacang Puteh Rental

Why not relive your childhood kacang puteh snacks at your kids party? Kacang is?”peanuts”?and?Puteh is “white” in Malay. Recreate the kacang stall with these?delightful snacks?made available?to your kids for their?entertainment breaks.?Your child and guests will thank you for the kacang man who rolls nuts in cone of paper strips. All these?while having a ball of a time at the party. A traditional snack well loved by kids and adults and the forever young at heart, we offers a wide?variety of peanuts that have long been introduced on the streets since the old ages in Singapore. Your kids are bound to be happy with these sweet and savoury snacks. Our Party Planning services is excited to share our?largest ranges of Kacang Puteh carts available for rent. You will not be disappointed with it!

On the party day, our Kacang Puteh Rental Cart will arrive at your desired time, with our staff helping to dish out the various snacks to your kids. You kids? and their guests may be treated to a variety of nuts of their choice in a traditional paper cone, allowing them to experience eating snacks just like the pioneers of Singapore. It will be both a fun and enriching experience for your kids when you hire a Kacang Puteh Cart with us, and you can expect lots of laughter and excitement when the kids are queuing up for their snacks. For parents that are worried about the variety and number of servings during the event, fret not. Our staff are tasked to bring more than enough snacks for your party and you can always top up more money if you wish to extend the time for serving the snacks. The peanuts are also kept in air tight containers and freshly refilled with every party, so there are no worries when it comes to the freshness of our snacks.

If you don?t believe how truly effective a Kacang Puteh cart is for parties, simply ask the kids! With our many years of experience in the business, we are always surrounded by kids happily munching away on the variety of sweet and salty treats that we provide. Guests and parents alike are often elated to see us, and many parents have request the services of our Kacang Puteh Rental at the end of parties.
Finding a Kacang Puteh rental in Singapore may not be easy, with many rentals in Singapore offering a small range of snacks at exorbitant prices or staff that are not friendly with kids. Below lists the some of the services we offer with our Kacang Puteh Rental in Singapore:
? Custom range of snacks and peanuts ranging from salted nuts, frosted nuts, mixed nuts, muruku and corn snacks
? Staff that are dressed in traditional costumes
? Served in traditional cones or cups
? Air tight containers for the storing of snacks
With more than four years of experience in our party planning services and tons of dedicated customers, we understand your needs when it comes to party planning. Offering only the very lowest price in our Kacang Puteh Rental services, we are one of Singapore?s leading companies that have the largest range of nuts and snacks. If you have any custom snacks in mind which you wish to have in your Kacang Puteh, simply leave us a message and we will get back to you in as soon as possible. So what are you waiting for? Book your Kacang Puteh cart with us now!


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