Ice Cream Cart Rental

Looking for an ice cream cart rental for your kids? party or for a family celebration? Look no further, as we at Kids Party Singapore?are able to provide you with top quality ice creams with our portable ice cream cart that has been distributing various kinds of ice creams to kids since the early days. What better way than to brighten up your kids? parties with ice cream after their food or even between entertainment acts! Not only will your kids will love you for it, the guests will feel both satisfied and impressed. With years of experience renting party services such as ice cream carts to Singaporeans, you can be assured a wide range of ice creams for your kids? party.

Booking our ice cream cart rental is simple and we will head down to your party with the ice cream cart and our friendly staff to serve the ice cream for you. Almost no set up is required as our ice cream carts come ready to be served, with ice creams being scooped right out of the cart. Choose from different ice creams ranging from traditional ice cream cones, ice cream slices with bread, Potong ice cream, gelato ice cream, frozen yoghurt ice cream and many more. All you have to do is request beforehand and our staff shall be able to provide on the day. Be prepared to see your guests jump in glee as they get their ice cream fresh out from the cart, just like the old days. If you?re worried that the ice cream might melt under the hot sun in Singapore, fret not! Our cart comes provided with tons of dry ice and is encapsulated within an insulating foam, keeping your ice cream fresh for hours at a time!

If you don?t believe how much better your party can get with an ice cream cart, just ask the kids! We?ve had tons of kids just shouting in delight every time they see us coming to the party, with parents equally as ecstatic. Guests of parents have even requested for our contact, simply because our ice cream cart rental is that impressive!

Here are some benefits that you?ll get should you decide to engage our ice cream cart rental services:
? Choice of ice creams, ranging from traditional ones to modern gelato and even ice creams catered to vegans
? Dedicated staff that runs the ice cream cart for as long as you desire
? Dry ice provided free of charge to keep the ice cream cool for long periods of time

We understand the pains in organizing and pulling off a successful kids party. We?promise that our ice cream cart rental services are one of the most competitive priced in Singapore that you?ll not be able to find such great variety anywhere else in Singapore. With rates ranging from 100 to 200 servings per hour at $250 per hour, feel free to contact us to find out more about the specific pricing for your ice cream choice. If you?ve any special ice cream request in mind, just drop us a message and we will plan a custom package for you at the most competitive pricing. So what are you waiting for? Drop us a message and you?ll not be disappointed!



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