?Helium Tank Rental?

Do you want to inflate your own helium balloons? At?Kids Party Singapore, we?offer you the best helium tank rental in Singapore. With different sizes of helium tanks available depending on the number of balloons you wish to inflate, we are able to deliver the helium straight to your party destination. It?s a great way to save money when choosing to give out balloons for your guests after the party and your kids and their guests will love it! As our parties are revolving around young children, safety is top of our mind. We are confident of our ability to deliver only the purest grade quality helium to you, with minimal leakage in our tanks.

Depending on your choice, you can choose to either self-collect the helium tank from us or order a delivery from our company. Our delivery staff will contact you at least a day in advance to confirm the delivery before sending it to your destination. Be prepared to amaze your kids and their guests with floating balloons for their next party. If you?re worried that you may not be able to secure high quality balloons, feel free to leave us a message and we can arrange for balloons of your choice together with the helium tank.

Kids love helium balloons at parties. These balloons are MUST-haves. ?Treat your guests with a balloon when they leave the party or simply use the helium in balloons for decorations. You?ll be sure to light a smile on your kids? faces in no time. Guests and parents alike have requested from us helium tank rental services as they are often hard to find in Singapore. So wait no further and leave us a message today!

If you wish to enjoy the lowest rates and the very best services, do feel free to contact us. Here are some of the following services that we offer should you wish to utilise our helium tank rental:

  • Customised tank of helium depending on your needs
  • Balloons of various shapes and sizes according to your needs
  • Pick up service for the helium tank
  • Premium maintenance of helium tank to prevent leakage
  • Long duration of 3-days for rental of helium tank

With such benefits in play, how can you not afford to rent a helium tank from us? We provide only the best quality helium in perfectly sealed tanks that are regularly maintained. Should you decide that you require a bespoke package of helium tank rental that comes with custom balloons or decorations, do feel free to leave us a message! Providing only the most competitive cost in Singapore, call us today to save yourself some money and reward your kids with premium floating balloons.


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