?5 Ways Catering Finger Food Will Rock Your Kid?s Birthday Party!

Catering finger food one of the simplest ways to please a child and the most hassle-free for parents when planning their child's birthday party menu. Finger food is an important?feature in wedding high tea receptions, corporate events, business/office seminars, any festive?function, and private baby showers but they are the best kinds of foods to have at your kid?s?birthday event! Finger food like chicken nuggets, nachos and cheese, mini cakes and ice?cream, cater especially to young children and guests (usually busy parents) and are a must-have on all kid?s birthday party menus! Have a mini buffet function made up of fresh food in?bite-sized portions and parents won?t have to feed children as much! The best part is, children?get to eat what they like, manage their food better and find the food items special and?delicious (who child doesn?t like finger food?!)?the secret ingredients to a happy and fun-filled day for your child and everyone to enjoy!

Here are some reasons why catering finger food will be a crowd pleaser!

1. Finger food is fitting for all venues and occasions.

Finger food is perfect for kid?s parties as they are easy to please the crowds and fit?almost every occasion, whether it is a casual lunch or private dinner function with?good company. Most caterers will be happy to make them chef specials. By all means,?come up with your guest list early, arrange for the birthday cake and search for an appropriate venue to call. Whether your venue is in an indoor playground or outdoor pool party, you can be sure that incorporating finger food into the selection is a wise choice!

2. Finger food can be a quality choice.

Finger food can be premium food with fresh and top quality ingredients. Think: deli seafood platter, an assortment of delicate sweet and savoury pies and puff pastries,mouthwatering desserts, aglio olio pasta served in a chichi spoon, to die for chocolate,?prosciutto ham on a cracker, canapes, fresh tuna rolls and the list goes on. The options are endless. Finger food can invoke coolness and style. Imagine again dining in a?trendy Melbourne al fresco caf?, a free flow cocktail, a set of pastry items and serving?platters of delightful scones and gourmet sandwiches. Salivating yet? Recreate that?scene and impress the socks out of your guests!

3. Finger food is creative!

The internet and YouTube site are full of ideas and info on how to make the cutest,?most creative finger food that kids love! Google popular recipes online or the latest?Facebook Tasty videos, they are fun and easy to make! Try your hand at creating a?platter of ?octopus? sausages and cute sushi rolls with seaweed-pressed faces. Use?small broccoli florets to make trees and pizza bears. It would be a sin not to try out?some of these food art! If you have time, involve your own kids and let them?experiment with you in the kitchen! It can be the most unexpected form of?entertainment and you?ll be surprised and how much these tutorials have to offer! Most of all, see the delight from young and old, when they see the finished product!

4. Finger food can be healthy

When finger food is eaten in moderation and taken as a light snack, it can be healthy?to suit your child?s nutritional needs and dietary requirements. Plan to include healthy?appetizers: have salads, add and hide veggies in classic dishes, make assorted salad?rolls and wraps available, serve vegetable platters and fruit skewers in small bites so?kids can choose what they like. Good finger food like cucumber dips often offer a tasty ad crunchy bite!

5. Finger food brings everyone together

Most importantly, because finger food frees up your hands and gives you the freedom to chat and move around to talk to your guests, everyone can join in the celebrations and you get more quality time with your loved ones!These are our recommendations on how catering finger food will rock your birthday party

These are our recommendations on how catering finger food will rock your birthday party?and add such ease and style to your child?s special day! Call us now for more information on?our party packages and for a customized plan on how to jazz your child?s birthday party up?with finger food!



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