Chinese Food Catering for your Kid’s Birthday Party

Chinese food catering is one of the most popular choices for Singapore parents planning their child’s birthday party menu. More and more these days, a wide range of events (wedding tea receptions, corporate events, business seminars, festive functions, school events and meetings, private gatherings like baby showers), all require meticulous planning and coordination. To organise a professional kid’s birthday party is no exception. As an established party planner in the business, we have the creative solutions for your food catering needs. Our experienced and enthusiastic food catering team that will take care of your requirements and find a good fit with the caterer so that you have no worries and will be able to spend quality time entertaining your friends and family. We can plan the set up for food for your kid?s birthday party at home or outdoors. We can also source for tasty food and affordable buffet menus and offer a host of dining options to satisfy the taste buds of your family, friends, and invited guests.

Here are some advice on what to look out for when searching for good Chinese food catering:

1. Look out for an extensive menu selection

Your child?s birthday party will not be complete without a good selection of Chinese food. Chinese cuisine has some of the most mouth-watering dishes. First, your caterer should have a good variety of buffet mains made from the freshest ingredients and inspired from Chinese recipes around the world. This includes different styles of food presentation such as afternoon high tea menus, deli-styled cake and pastries, bento sets for casual events, kid-sized mini bites and finger food. They should also carve out customized kid?s menu like fried wanton, cuttlefish balls, ice jelly for the little people that matter. With a bigger budget, your party can also be styled for festive occasions and resemble elegant private functions with a restaurant ambience! Suffice to say, we are committed to helping you host your perfect event so prepare to eat till your heart’s content.

Look out for good deals

We encourage you to sign up with your catering companies to receive updates of their latest company promotions and view news of attractive offers. There should be credit card deals or a special promo package or two every month. Login to their website to view guests? reviews of the food and service and see how patrons rate their experiences online. Feel free to read the customer feedback and testimonials about the food they ate and enjoyed. Read up on common FAQ browse their web page. Be vigilant too that the catering website adheres to a strict privacy policy that respects the private details of all their valued customers. Websites should be a convenient one-stop platform for your party planning needs. Whether you need an estimated quote or further details on the food items, you can go online to search and browse our available dining catalogue of Chinese lunch and dinner cuisines. Simply select the package you want and click to add it to your cart. Remember to enter the promo code where relevant. Some promotions offer free gifts to new customers or discount off their total package price if you order online. Read the fine print as usual terms and conditions apply.

3. Call to enquire about food tasting

Just as what you can expect from hotel wedding receptions or restaurants, some good catering companies can organize food tasting. Customers are welcome to set a date and book a table or tables to sample new and interesting menu items. We arranged a food tasting on the request of a previous client which featured ala carte items such as our signature olive fried rice, spicy Ma-La Chicken Hot Pot noodles, deli styled vegetarian dim sum, selected seafood delicacies like jumbo herbal prawns, braised coffee pork ribs and fusion Teochew dessert. Reservations can be made at an individual price per person or at a minimum pax of dining guests per table.

4. Good quality Chinese food wins the day.

Good Chinese food caterers have a mix of standard, deluxe and premium packages to offer with different rates for your perusal. If your budget allows, know that good food wins the day. Reputable caterers have signature buffet packages that are popular with clients and designed by our award-winning culinary chef/chefs in Asia. Pamper yourself and your guests with the delicious variety of authentic and high-quality items delivered in maximum quality and style. Excite your child and his friends with a range of kid-friendly food presentations in the form of deli-style bites and garden themed set-up with charming porcelain and china that will set every fine dining enthusiast?s heart a flutter.

Use these tips and more when looking for a good Chinese caterer or simply contact us and allow our experienced party planners to work their magic! You won?t have to lift a finger!


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