kid's birthday cake
What’s a birthday without a birthday cake? ?Your child’s birthday cake is the most important component in a birthday party to remember your child’s birthday moments and to make your child and your guests happy.
Children’s birthday cakes come in all shapes, colours and sizes. Most popular among children are the famous ICON figurine cakes of Disney. And the main ingredient that melts in the mouth for children’s birthday cake is Chocolate! Ooo la la. Children also love oodles of mousse or cream in their birthday cake.
The birthday cake is always the center of attraction in a birthday party. This cake takes a place of honour, like the Queen’s Or King’s Crown with beautiful candles glowing on top it, as we sing the ?Happy Birthday? song. After the birthday song and all the oooh-and-aaah are over, it?s time to cut and taste how delicious the cake is.
Besides the taste, we also need to consider the shape, color, size and design of the birthday cake. If the birthday cake has a theme or cartoon characters, the children will definitely love it. It is better to decorate the birthday cake using the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl.
For the girls, we can choose something like Cinderella castle cake, Dora the Explorer, Winnie the Pooh, Barbie, Barney, Care Bears etc. For the boys, we can pick Bob the Builder, Thomas the Train, Cars, SpongeBob, Nemo and even sports theme and my craft themes.
In addition, the birthday cake can also be shaped with these themes in cupcake formats. Cupcakes are popular nowadsays. One of the reasons is because they are cute to look at sitting in small child-friendly containers such as the cups. And it takes away from the traditional cutting of the one big birthday cake. And also it’s cost friendly.
In Singapore, cupcake birthday celebrations are making a fashion statement in children’s birthday parties. This is also a favourite for stay at home mothers working as small time bakers. Their birthday cupcakes are also more reasonably priced than their bakery shop counterparts.
In Singapore, we have a lot of bakeries specialising in customised birthday cakes. Do you know they even make birthday cakes which are non-gluten and non-egg based. This is to cater to young children who are gluten or egg intolerant. These are what we call health conscious birthday cakes made by health-conscious bakers. You name it they will customise the cake according to your requirements.There is a list of bakery shops (with websites) in Facebook with wonderful children birthday cakes to choose from.
An eye candy cake must be taste candy too. ?The beauty and taste must be married and blended together to form the ultimate birthday cake for a child. Every cake must be baked and handcrafted with passion and love. Children’s birthday cake must bring you and your loved one a little joy and happiness. If this one quality is imprinted in your memory then it will be a cake to remember in years to come!
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