kids party food

Your kid?s birthday party is just around the corner and you?re cracking your head thinking of kids party food ideas. Fret not. We?ve compiled some tips to help you get into the art of planning for your child?s special day.

1. Fit the food to the venue

In Singapore, there are a range of choices when it comes to where your birthday party is held. Some may enjoy hosting intimate gatherings at home while others prefer holding parties in an outdoor venue or sit down at a proper restaurant for a three-course meal. Do some research on the top venues where others have held their parties. You know your kid best and the environment your family is the most comfortable in. Once you have decided on where to hold the party, the food can be ordered to fit the occasion. For instance, if you host your party in an indoor playground, opt for more finger food so that everyone can be part of the fun.

2. Decide on the scale of the event

If you are hosting a big party, catering is a convenient option and the most hassle-free. Most catering services provide standard buffet party packages for you to choose. Some even provide a kids menu that
children love such as mini sized tea sets for children, with favourites like popcorn chicken, cheesy pastas, pizza and desserts. Contact them to get a quotation per pax for your number of guests. If your event is big enough, you might get some free perks thrown along the way. Many restaurants nowadays can also cater for cozy functions for all sorts of celebratory events like a wedding, baby shower and of course, birthday parties. Check out their corporate rates, search and read their online reviews regarding their service. Check out their site gallery for menus and book early. Be sure to view and enjoy their dining packages for the month.

3. Check ahead with your guests

Some little children may have food allergies and adult guests may be vegetarian or have food preferences. It would be good to take these into account while planning food. Making a list of what your guests can?t eat would help project you as a gracious host and sure each person has a great time.

4. Make it special

The highlight of the every birthday party is almost always the birthday cake. Birthday cakes can have the ?wow? factor and elaborately made to stand out. These could be in the form of character cakes, ice cream cakes, cupcakes or even homemade cakes. Involve your child in the selection. It?s your child?s birthday party, so give some thought about the style of the cake and how it is presented to make that cake-blowing moment special and memorable.

5. Craft food according to a theme

Food craft could turn your kid?s birthday into a smashing success and add that needed magic touch. Plan your menu according to a theme and create cute cards that introduce special food items for that Star Wars or Frozen Party. Let your creative juices flow. You could follow through along with some entertainment through some DIY activities involving food. Your child?s friends would love the idea of hands-on play in making their own pizza or cookies. There are tons of free ideas on Pinterest and on the internet on making delicious food for themed birthday parties to get inspiration from. This will make the party completely unique for you and your child, provide entertainment for guests, including great photo moments to remember the occasion!

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